Foreplay Techniques Every Man Must Know

Are you tired of not being able to satisfy your lover in the bedroom?Or Are you looking for better foreplay technique you can try? Or are you wondering how you can do it easily and quicker? Or do you want to know how you can unlock the way to her heart and make her do things you want from her in the bedroom? Well, there are many foreplay techniques that you can make use of to make sure your woman is close to exploding before you get down to the main thing. I will be exposing foreplays you can use and some techniques/tips that will encourage great sensual, sexual foreplay. What many people do not know is that, foreplay plays a fundamental and large role in the activities of making love between partners. More importantly, foreplay is so important for the ladies than the guys. Reasons being that, women are not wired the same way men are. So, there is really need for foreplay in order to get your lady to the point you want and for a more enjoyable sex.Here are some of the best foreplay tips to get you started to a better sex life.

One techniques you can try as foreplay is taking a shower together. With this technique, you both have the opportunity to caress and explore each other’s bodies. Note that while touching her body with your hands and your lips everywhere, do not rush to her most intimate places. This is a great way to get her ready and crave for your touching the intimate places.

Explore the power of massaging. Massaging your partners body is a great foreplay technique s it helps to put your partner in the mood and loosen up for love. You can add extra touch by buying some scented candles and some massaging oil to set the mood. Do not forget that the massaging should start from the back, to the shoulders and down to the lower back. Also, remember to take it nice, slowlyand not rush to get to the finish line.

Do not undermine the essence of good long kiss, as it is the first physical expression of desire and love for one’s sexual needs. This kiss does not necessarily have to be on the lips, you can kiss your partner’s eyelids, neck, cheek and everywhere if possible. Let me tell you a secret, most women complain that their lovers don’t kiss long enough and rush directly to the intimate areas. Therefore, it is important you experiment on every other part of your lover’s body to get her in the mood. Women enjoy particular nibbling and kissing attention to their shoulders and neck area.

Lastly, you have to know how to read the mood and the timing of your lover. Sometimes she may just want you to take things easy and slowlywith enough time for foreplay and other times she may want it the other way around,and just get down to business straight with little time for foreplay. It all has to do understanding what she is after.

Foreplay isn’t something that has to be intimidating. You can even learn how to arouse your partner on your own. And there are also many products available out there that will aid you to make foreplay for you and your partner a very enjoyable experience!