List Of Mistakes You Must Avoid During Sex

Many guys have different ideas when it comes to trying new things when they want to make love, which is not a bad idea.The bad side is that women really hate being treated like experimental rabbits. Sometimes watching too much porn movies is not a good idea for men, as they usually make the mistake of thinking that as long as they copy their techniquesandmovements, they are in line with satisfying their lovers.

Let’s take a look at a scenario, having sex with the woman you love is one of the best things in life, and nothing can beat the sweet feeling you both have when you reach climax but what if you spoil it with little sex mistakes, it will become a nightmare. Sex is something really enjoyable if you are doing it the right way; but it can end up in tatters if you are making these mistakes that I will be showing you in this article.

Playing out scenes from pornographic films. Imitating porn stars is really a bad move.Many men do this a lot and it is one of the major and frequent sex mistake that turns an intimate moment sour. Men who are inexperienced are usually the perpetrators of this mistake because they feel it is a good idea. They feel that since those handsome actors are pleasuring beautiful women with those strange positions, then they can too. What they don’t know is that, those positions and techniques that they use do not always maximize pleasure for the actors butare meant for viewers’ pleasure. So, if you use the same techniques and positions on your lover, she may feel pain or even turn off.Instead of imitating, just find out what works best for you and your partner by doing your own research.

Being Short sighted

During sex, many men put all their attention on the golden triangle (the vaginal and the breasts). Well it is not entirely wrong, as stimulating these key areas arouse most women. However, not all women are the same and you need to understand that. Meaning, what works for your ex-girlfriend may not work for your girlfriend. And surprisingly, not all women enjoy their G-spot to be touched.Another reason you should avoid being short sighted is that, if you explore only the triangle areas, it makes sex predictable and boring. It will be like watching a movie over and over again.


Long and untrimmed fingernails

Many men have rough and untrimmed fingernails, which can be a huge turn off in bed. It’s a normal thing if men get aggressive and rough during sex, but  with long fingernails like these can cause discomfort on your women’s tender body. Using such nails on her vital and sensitive parts like her clitoris will annoy her quickly. I am not suggesting that you should go get treatment like women do. However, just take care of your fingernails.

You cum too quickly

Without any doubt, it’s one of the worst nightmares for both partners when having sex. This mistake is embarrassing especially when your partner is still wet and hot. 30% of men have this problem but fortunately, there are methods that can help you last longer in bed. It just requires little effort and dedication on your part.

Other mistakes you should avoid include:

  • Having a small penis
  • Not putting enough body pressure on her body.
  • Being too passive or submissive in bed
  • Making her feel uncomfortable emotionally

Finally, just make sure you start off simple and keep your head out of the clouds. Learn from each other what the you both prefers and then try few adventurous sexual positions. Andmake sure you avoid these mistakes so, you will be able to skyrocket your skills and maximize sexual for you and your lover.