Great Tips On How To Please A Man

As a lady if you feel like you are not satisfying your man with the kind of pleasure that he craves for in the bedroom, then you need to find a solution quickly. Sexual satisfaction plays a very important role in making a relationship successful. And if you have such problem it depends on you because, he is not going to be able to change it for you. Do you want to know how to sexually satisfy your boyfriend and keep him excited about you all the time? Then stayed glued to this article so that you can get it right.

Firstly, what are the things guys needs to be satisfied in bed? Unlike women, most men are usually not good at expressing their minds to their partners especially when it comes to matters on the bed. Well, ii will be helping the guys out today by sharing with you what most men desire and how you can meet these needs.

Start taking initiative

It has been seen that most women leave it up to the men to take the initiative during sex. But if you really want to please your man sexually, then you need to try taking the initiative sometimes. Just pick any random time to initiate a special time for sex with your man to satisfy him sexually.

Give your man sexual treats

In order to keep your man sexually satisfied you need to sometimes plan some surprise sexual treats for him. This sexual treat could be a luxurious and long sensual massage sessions that you plan for him or it could be a night of pure sinful pleasure in a romantic place you designed.This will make him surprised and it will double the satisfaction he will get.

Talk dirty like the men sometimes

Many people underestimate the power of talking. Even though some men might have problem with women talking randomly always but no man will surely love to hear you verbalize your feelings. These talks should include talking about your sexual fantasies with him.

Make him watch you undress before him

This is another way to sexually please your boyfriend. You can even add an extra touch by letting him undress you. This will fire your man’s imaginations up and make him desire you the more with just these little acts.

Let him know you think about sex sometimes

Satisfying your boyfriend involves you charging him up sexually. And you can charge him up by using technology (sending him a naughty text message or dirty email). When he reads it, he will now that you are thinking of him sexual and all men will be pleased by this step.

Show interest when he wants to experiment

As partners, it is not a good thing to have a particular pattern when having sex. So, when he tries something new, be ready to experiment with the new positions, tell him what you would want him to do to youand you can even try a little bit of role playing. This will keep him sexually interested and satisfied with you.

When you practice these tips then you can be able to fully please your man and make him craves for more. Have fun!

How To Have Better Sex As You Age

Sex is a very powerful emotional experience and is also a great tool for improving or protecting your health.Sex in not only for the young partners but for all adults. Though the truth is, sex for people over the age of 50 can present challenges, and these challenges discourages people, but the good news is that these problems have solutions. To have better sex as you age requires you to keep an open mind to understand what it takes, so you can continue to enjoy anemotional and physical sex life. The need for intimacy is ageless. And it has even become more important as recent studies have confirmed that no matter what your gender or age, you can still enjoy having good sex for as long as want to.

Though, sex at 60 – 80cannot be as good as it wasat 20 – 30 but in some ways, it can be better if you want it to. As become older, you become wiser than you were in your younger years, andtherefore you will be able to know what works best for you especially when it comes to having sex. As you age you begin to become more self-confident and feel free from the normal hustle and bustle ideals of youth and people around you. And with less demanding work and having all grown upchildren, you have enough time to relax and enjoy your partners without distractions. Having better sex as you age helps:

  • Improve physical and mental health – Sex helps burn fat andreduces anxiety cause.
  • Strengthens relationships – Sex is a good opportunity to show how close and intimate you are toyour partner.
  • Increase lifespan –Because it helps in health-improvement, a good sex life therefore can add years to your life.
  • Give refuge – When having sex, it gives you a chance to free your mind fromthe harsh realities surrounding you.

Tips on how to have a better sex as you age with your partner

Be playful and honest

Discuss new ideas with your partner

Do not rush, take your time

Do not worry over “performance.”

Expand your definition of sex

Experiment by changing your routine

Find and practice what works best for you

Focus on physical touch and intimacy

Have a good, long foreplay

It’s not just about intercourse, its more than that

Know when to seek help if you have any medical conditions

Relax, do not be shy

Remove all emotional obstacles.

Stretch your experience

Talk about sex sometimes

Try to communicate with your partner

Try to go with trends (modernize)

Understand when to stop and restart a stalled sex drive

Lastly, as an older adult, you must not forget to be carefuljust the way you were when younger especially when it has to do with having sex with a new partner. You may not be able to get pregnant due to menopause for the women, but you are still susceptible to all sexually transmitted diseases. So, talk to your partner and make sure you both take necessary measures to protect yourselves.


Best Tips On How To Have Good Sex

Every adult wants to know how to have good sex always with their partners. Good sex is notonly about pleasuring yourself but also pleasuring your partner. Having good sex is very essential in any relationship, such that some relationships cannot survive without it. Good sex is sometimes comes naturally but the other time it doesn’t. To always have good sex, you might have to learn a few new things or try a few techniques for sex to be really good! This article is meant to help you in making your sex life better than it already is now. This are ways you canuse to improve intimacy between you and your partner. Here are some important staples to good sex!

Try Varieties and be open to experimentation

A very important aspect of good sex is being open to new things and experiments.Variety is very important when it comes to intimacy. When I talk about variety, I mean switching things up a little to turnyour usual intimacy styles more fun and exciting. How can you do this? Simple. Learn and practice different new positions. Most couples have got into the habit ofusing the same position, and they keep going back to that same position thinking that they are only comfortable performing in that position. These partners are not also willing to experiment and this is one of the main reasons why sex gets boring after a while. So, to have good sex practice and get comfortable with various positions to add more taste.

Location is key

Another sure wayto improve sex is to switch up your location.Many married couples isolate their intimacy strictly to their matrimonial bedroom. This is a very bad idea and with time it becomes boring. Why can’t you get intimate in other places? How and where? Well for starters, an easy transition could simply be the couch.  This is a good place to start, and if your partner insists on moving to the bedroom, tell your partner, “let’s do it right here!”

Listen to your partner

Listening to your partner is another aspect on how to have good sex. This involves discovering and understanding what your partner prefers in bed. And after knowing what him or her needyou try to do it so you both can get maximum pleasure when having sex. Some couples lack good communication sexually and that is why they are not able to fully satisfy each other.

The Moods must be right

Being in the right mood is very important when it comes to having good sex with your partner. If your partner or you are not in the right frame of mind or mood, then do not get into bed or you might regret it. Remember moods can easily make it or break it in bed. If both of you are not feeling the same feelings emotionally as partner, then you tend to have this mental battle with your partner unknowingly to youand then it can lead to an ego satisfaction battle in bed than a good sex session.

Certainly, good sex is hard to achieve without sexual arousal. Physical attractiveness to each other is also vital in having good sex. And how you feel about your partner’s looks,personality and attitude, voice and even scent are little factors that play a role in having a good sexual encounter. And with these few tips I hope you will understand how to have good sex whenever you so desire!




Foreplay Techniques Every Man Must Know

Are you tired of not being able to satisfy your lover in the bedroom?Or Are you looking for better foreplay technique you can try? Or are you wondering how you can do it easily and quicker? Or do you want to know how you can unlock the way to her heart and make her do things you want from her in the bedroom? Well, there are many foreplay techniques that you can make use of to make sure your woman is close to exploding before you get down to the main thing. I will be exposing foreplays you can use and some techniques/tips that will encourage great sensual, sexual foreplay. What many people do not know is that, foreplay plays a fundamental and large role in the activities of making love between partners. More importantly, foreplay is so important for the ladies than the guys. Reasons being that, women are not wired the same way men are. So, there is really need for foreplay in order to get your lady to the point you want and for a more enjoyable sex.Here are some of the best foreplay tips to get you started to a better sex life.

One techniques you can try as foreplay is taking a shower together. With this technique, you both have the opportunity to caress and explore each other’s bodies. Note that while touching her body with your hands and your lips everywhere, do not rush to her most intimate places. This is a great way to get her ready and crave for your touching the intimate places.

Explore the power of massaging. Massaging your partners body is a great foreplay technique s it helps to put your partner in the mood and loosen up for love. You can add extra touch by buying some scented candles and some massaging oil to set the mood. Do not forget that the massaging should start from the back, to the shoulders and down to the lower back. Also, remember to take it nice, slowlyand not rush to get to the finish line.

Do not undermine the essence of good long kiss, as it is the first physical expression of desire and love for one’s sexual needs. This kiss does not necessarily have to be on the lips, you can kiss your partner’s eyelids, neck, cheek and everywhere if possible. Let me tell you a secret, most women complain that their lovers don’t kiss long enough and rush directly to the intimate areas. Therefore, it is important you experiment on every other part of your lover’s body to get her in the mood. Women enjoy particular nibbling and kissing attention to their shoulders and neck area.

Lastly, you have to know how to read the mood and the timing of your lover. Sometimes she may just want you to take things easy and slowlywith enough time for foreplay and other times she may want it the other way around,and just get down to business straight with little time for foreplay. It all has to do understanding what she is after.

Foreplay isn’t something that has to be intimidating. You can even learn how to arouse your partner on your own. And there are also many products available out there that will aid you to make foreplay for you and your partner a very enjoyable experience!

List Of Mistakes You Must Avoid During Sex

Many guys have different ideas when it comes to trying new things when they want to make love, which is not a bad idea.The bad side is that women really hate being treated like experimental rabbits. Sometimes watching too much porn movies is not a good idea for men, as they usually make the mistake of thinking that as long as they copy their techniquesandmovements, they are in line with satisfying their lovers.

Let’s take a look at a scenario, having sex with the woman you love is one of the best things in life, and nothing can beat the sweet feeling you both have when you reach climax but what if you spoil it with little sex mistakes, it will become a nightmare. Sex is something really enjoyable if you are doing it the right way; but it can end up in tatters if you are making these mistakes that I will be showing you in this article.

Playing out scenes from pornographic films. Imitating porn stars is really a bad move.Many men do this a lot and it is one of the major and frequent sex mistake that turns an intimate moment sour. Men who are inexperienced are usually the perpetrators of this mistake because they feel it is a good idea. They feel that since those handsome actors are pleasuring beautiful women with those strange positions, then they can too. What they don’t know is that, those positions and techniques that they use do not always maximize pleasure for the actors butare meant for viewers’ pleasure. So, if you use the same techniques and positions on your lover, she may feel pain or even turn off.Instead of imitating, just find out what works best for you and your partner by doing your own research.

Being Short sighted

During sex, many men put all their attention on the golden triangle (the vaginal and the breasts). Well it is not entirely wrong, as stimulating these key areas arouse most women. However, not all women are the same and you need to understand that. Meaning, what works for your ex-girlfriend may not work for your girlfriend. And surprisingly, not all women enjoy their G-spot to be touched.Another reason you should avoid being short sighted is that, if you explore only the triangle areas, it makes sex predictable and boring. It will be like watching a movie over and over again.


Long and untrimmed fingernails

Many men have rough and untrimmed fingernails, which can be a huge turn off in bed. It’s a normal thing if men get aggressive and rough during sex, but  with long fingernails like these can cause discomfort on your women’s tender body. Using such nails on her vital and sensitive parts like her clitoris will annoy her quickly. I am not suggesting that you should go get treatment like women do. However, just take care of your fingernails.

You cum too quickly

Without any doubt, it’s one of the worst nightmares for both partners when having sex. This mistake is embarrassing especially when your partner is still wet and hot. 30% of men have this problem but fortunately, there are methods that can help you last longer in bed. It just requires little effort and dedication on your part.

Other mistakes you should avoid include:

  • Having a small penis
  • Not putting enough body pressure on her body.
  • Being too passive or submissive in bed
  • Making her feel uncomfortable emotionally

Finally, just make sure you start off simple and keep your head out of the clouds. Learn from each other what the you both prefers and then try few adventurous sexual positions. Andmake sure you avoid these mistakes so, you will be able to skyrocket your skills and maximize sexual for you and your lover.